5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

easter egg hunt

Ah Easter, the first holiday of the year. Families and friends get together to look for eggs, decorate eggs and eat lots and lots of eggs. Of course you can have your traditional Easter brunch and your typical egg searching party, but why not mix it up a little bit this year? How? Find out here!

1. Have a Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange

If you enjoy a good Secret Santa gift exchange with friends, family or colleagues, why not celebrate Easter with a Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange? More and more people are starting to draw names and get each other gifts for Easter. The concept is the same as Secret Santa, everyone draws a name and no one knows who their Secret Easter Bunny is. You can draw names the old fashioned way, from a hat, but drawing names online is a lot easier. Save yourself some time and planning, draw names for your Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange online!
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2. Organise an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Give a twist to your traditional egg searching party and turn it into a scavenger hunt. Buy or make hollow plastic eggs in which you can put clues to finding the next hiding spot. These eggs with clues will eventually lead you to the treasure. This can either be a small gift, a big chocolate egg or another eastery present. You can also add a theme to the scavenger hunt, depending on age and interests. Think: superheroes, favourite cartoons, sports.

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3. Have a small Easter Games Tournament

Looking for fun activities to do during Easter with your family or friends? Host a small Easter Games Tournament! These are some games you could play during the event:

Egg-and-spoon race

During an egg-and-spoon race each participant must balance an egg upon a spoon and race with it to the finish line. All you need are spoons, eggs and a bunch of eggcited children (or grownups, we’re not judging). Draw a start line and a finish line, and you’re good to go. Whoever drops their egg during the race has to go back to the start line and start over. The first one to cross the finish line wins! You can also do this race with one or more eggs on a plate.

Egg tossing

Egg tossing or egg throwing is a fun game to play during your Easter Games Tournament. It can get pretty messy, but that’s part of the fun! The rules are simple: form teams of two and give each team one egg. All teams begin by standing an equal distance apart. One member of a two-person team tosses an egg to the other. If the egg does not break, they step apart and the toss is repeated. The contest continues until one egg is left unbroken. The last team standing wins.

Egg rolling

For this game you need hard boiled eggs. Let each participant turn their hard boiled egg into a character. Decorate your egg whatever way you wish. Once this is done, have every participant line up outside, ideally on top of a hill (if you don’t have a hill nearby you can use a plain field). Now roll your egg as far as possible. The egg that has rolled the furthest wins. Additionally you can award the egg with the least amount of damage with some points.

Capture the Egg

This is a fun take on Capture the Flag. You need eight eggs, four each, in two different colours. Divide your participants into two teams. Have each team choose a colour and then line up their eggs on their side of the field. Each team must try to capture the other team's eggs and bring them back to their side of the field without being tagged by the other team. If you are tagged, you’re out. The first team to successfully capture all the other team's eggs wins. If no team managed to capture all eggs the last person standing wins.

4. Make an Easter Piñata

Make an Easter egg or bunny piñata filled with Easter candy. You can either buy a piñata or make one yourself out of papier-mâché. When you decide to make one yourself, do this at least two weeks before Easter, since the drying of the papier-mâché will take a while.

How to do this? First blow up a balloon. Then mix some wallpaper paste with water and cut a few newspapers into strips. Dip these strips into the paste and stick them onto the balloon until the balloon is fully covered with a few layers of newspaper. Dry the piñata for a few days and repeat this process. After another 3 or 4 days, pierce the balloon and poor your candy in through the hole. Then close the hole with some more papier-mâché and cover your piñata with coloured papers to turn it into an egg or a bunny!


5. Have an Easter Film Matinee

After a long day of Easter games and Easter meals, you may want to relax and watch a film together. Hop on over to the living room and enjoy an Easter Film Matinee with your family. We have selected some eggcelent family films that are fun to watch during your Easter Film Matinee: