10 Tips for corona proof festive celebrations

It’s almost that wonderful time of year again! You’re not just going to let it pass by, are you? Read our tips for safe and enjoyable festive season celebrations in 2020:

1. Start buying gifts now

As we’re spending most of our time at home right now, online shopping is on the rise again. If you want to avoid the busiest period in December, why not make your wish list now and start buying gifts too.

Sinterklaas gifts

2. Switch to drawing names live

In 2020, you don’t draw names from a hat anymore! You do it live on your phone – from a distance. And if you’re not in the same place, you do it during a video call. It’s great fun seeing people’s reactions as they find out who they’ve drawn!

Friends drawing names live remotely

3. Send gifts by post

Of course you’d rather be together to celebrate at your favourite time of year. But if your group is quite big, you won’t all be able to get together this year. Just send the gifts by post to anyone who can’t be there. Lots of webshops will wrap up your gifts and send them for you.

Christmas gift by mailbox

4. Organise an unwrapping party in a video call

You’re probably so experienced in video calls now that organising an unwrapping party will be no problem at all. To make it a great experience, it’s worth spending some time decorating your room (read Tip 9) or finding an atmospheric background photo. That will put you all in the right mood for having fun unwrapping your gifts.

Friends during a videocall

Can't wait to save the festive season?

Then it’s time to invite your family, friends or colleagues to have a great celebration together!
Set up a group

Need some more corona proof tips? Then read on…

5. Split up a big group

Did you draw names last year with a big group that can’t get together now? Then ask one or more of the group members to be co-organiser this year, and split your group up into several small groups. Keep in touch during the celebration, and promise each other that everything will be back to normal next year!

Group of friend videocalling

6. Go into ‘pre-quarantine’

If you’re working at home and having your groceries delivered, then you’re probably hardly going outside anyway. Two Nobel Prize winners have now come up with an interesting idea. Why not go into voluntary quarantine in the weeks beforehand to save your celebration? It is very important that everyone taking part in the corona proof celebration really stays at home!

Post-it with the text 'pre-quarantine!'

7. Get together where most people live

The coronavirus rules may yet change, but the number of people you can invite your home is limited. So plan your celebration at the place where most people live, not counting small children. A family consisting of two parents and two teenagers can’t visit a family with a small child - but you can do it the other way round. That way you also restrict the number of people travelling.

Family at Christmas dinner

8. Rent a big room

If the hospitality sector can open up in December, we’ll all want to go out again. A big room, or a restaurant where there’s plenty of space for social distancing, might be the perfect place for your celebration – if the rules allow it. And it would be nice to give bar, pub and restaurant owners our support at the end of this bizarre year, wouldn’t it?

Large hall with Christmas decorations

9. Turn your home into a festive extravaganza

You’ve probably never spent so much time in your own home. So why not do something special with it as the festive season approaches. Make seating in your living room appropriate for social distancing, and put up lots and lots of festive decorations. Make sure you get started in time – whatever you’re celebrating!

Christmas decoration

10. Have a winter celebration in the garden

If you’re with other people for a longer period of time, then fresh air is a must. So outdoors is the place to be! Imagine you’re in Lapland, go outside and get a fire started in a fire basket! Set up some cosy seating with plenty of space in between. Don’t let a shower put you off! A white Xmas would be the perfect finishing touch …

Roast marshmellows

We hope these tips have made you feel positive and enthusiastic about the coming festive season. And don’t forget about the people who are really alone in these social distancing times. Maybe you know someone who you could ask to take part in your celebration, whether it’s socially distanced or online.

Together we can save the festive season - have fun!
Start drawing names

PS If you have a corona proof tip or idea, please send it to help@lootjestrekken.nl, tweet @lootjestrekken  or post it on our Facebook page.