Sending cards: who are you going to surprise?

Sending a card is a small gesture, and doesn’t receiving one with someone’s kind wishes make you feel really good?

In these unusual times, something like this can mean a lot to someone. Why not combine it with drawing names for exchanging gifts and send it by post together with a small gift.


Greetz has come up with some great ideas to help people get through this unusual time, with a wide range of cards to surprise someone with. Besides cards, Greetz also has many other letterbox gifts: ranging from beauty products to chocolates. Both cards and gifts are sent on the day they are ordered. The Greetz site (in Dutch only) also offers its customers a way to save for discounts.


Hallmark is helping its customers to cheer other people up at this difficult time by sending a card or a gift. There is a handy Hallmark app that makes it easy to personalise the card. Other benefits for customers are a savings programme, with a free card for every 6 stamps, and 25 cents discount per card if you open an account.


You might not have heard of Kaartje2go, but it has a wide range of cards and gifts on offer (site only in Dutch). The great advantage of Kaartje2go is that the cards are cheaper than on other websites and the first card is free. And if you can’t think of the right words, don’t worry – each card already has a message which you can personalise as much as you like.

So who are you going to surprise with a thoughtful card? Stay Safe!